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We are a group of people who live in Fenham and Arthur’s Hill. We love our neighbourhood and want it to be a place where everyone can travel around safely, whether on foot, by bus, cycle or car. We want our streets to be cleaner, safer and healthier places to live and work, and we want our fantastic local businesses on the West Road and elsewhere to thrive.

What do we do?

We campaign for safer and greener streets in the West End of Newcastle upon Tyne. To do that, we:

  – act as a critical friend to Newcastle City Council – lobbying them for measures to make our streets safer and cleaner (like traffic calming, better pedestrian crossings, or protected cycle routes) 

– research and write about road safety, transport and the environment in Fenham and Arthur’s Hill, and find out what works (and doesn’t) elsewhere 

– work with and support any other local organisations and members of the public that have concerns about road safety, air pollution and the environment

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